October 31, 2023

Bank of America Denies Fraud Claim: Customer Fights Back

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One of the biggest banks in the US, Bank of America, has come under scrutiny after reportedly refusing to reimburse a customer who had cash stolen from an ATM. The incident gained media attention when the customer, Kyle Fischer, shared his story with local news outlets.

Bank of America Denies Fraud Claim: Customer Fights Back

Denial of Fraud Claim

Fischer noticed that money had mysteriously disappeared from his account and promptly alerted the bank's fraud department. However, he was shocked to receive a letter denying his claim and accusing him of making the withdrawal himself. The bank claimed to have proof of Fischer's involvement and offered to send him the evidence.

Image of the Culprit

Fischer eagerly requested to see the evidence and was sent an image of someone else withdrawing cash from an ATM. He immediately recognized that the person in the photo bore little resemblance to him. Realizing that he was being falsely accused, Fischer sought help from the media to expose the bank's unfair treatment.

Media Intervention

ABC7 News investigated the case and agreed that the photo provided by the bank did not match Fischer's appearance. After the media got involved, Bank of America reversed its decision, reopened the case, and returned the full amount of $1,640 that was stolen from Fischer.

Bank's Response

Following the reversal, Bank of America issued a brief statement acknowledging the seriousness of identity theft and emphasizing their commitment to improving the customer experience. However, the bank did not disclose how the criminal managed to access Fischer's account.

Unusual ATM Technique

The incident raises concerns about the security of ATMs. Earlier this year, a technique known as the 'glue and tap' method affected customers at Chase Bank. This method involves squirting glue into the card reader, forcing customers to use the wireless tapping feature to access their accounts. Unfortunately, this allows thieves to continue making transactions until the user logs out, leaving unsuspecting customers vulnerable to theft.

Fisher's Theory

Fischer believes that the thief stole his money from the ATM on two separate occasions. He suspects that the bank mistakenly assumed the culprit in the photo provided was him without conducting a thorough investigation.


This incident highlights the importance of banks taking identity theft seriously and thoroughly investigating fraud claims. Customers should remain vigilant when using ATMs and report any suspicious activity immediately. It is crucial for banks to continually improve their security measures to protect their customers' funds.

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