October 31, 2023

Enhancing Security and Privacy for Crypto Wallet Users: MetaMask and Blockaid Collaboration

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MetaMask, the popular crypto wallet, has partnered with security firm Blockaid to enhance security for its users. This collaboration aims to provide improved security measures for desktop users initially, with mobile users to follow.

Enhancing Security and Privacy for Crypto Wallet Users: MetaMask and Blockaid Collaboration

The Privacy Preserving Offline Module (PPOM)

Blockaid, a security startup founded by former members of Israel's Unit 8200 cyber intelligence unit, recently secured $33 million in funding. MetaMask was revealed as one of its primary customers. As part of this partnership, they have introduced an innovative feature called the Privacy Preserving Offline Module (PPOM).

The PPOM operates offline and simulates and validates transactions and signatures before approval. It uses node RPC communication requests to a predetermined node provider, ensuring that no data is sent to an external server. This enhances privacy for users. Additionally, Blockaid's dApp scanning solution can assess a dApp's intentions and identify malicious interactions.

Enhanced Security Measures

During the initial phase, users who opt for the PPOM feature will receive alerts for potentially harmful transactions. By the end of November, mobile users of MetaMask will also have access to these heightened security measures. The ultimate goal, as stated by Bárbara Schorchit, a senior product owner at MetaMask, is to seamlessly integrate the feature into the wallet by early 2024, making it standard for all MetaMask users. This gradual implementation aims to eliminate false positives and build trust among users.

Addressing the Need for Security

According to data from Blockaid, approximately one in ten dApps are malicious. This highlights the importance of enhanced security measures, especially considering that frequent scams are a significant deterrent for individuals entering the crypto world. The collaboration between Blockaid and MetaMask reflects their shared objective of ensuring safety in the crypto space.

Bridging Ethereum and Solana

In addition to the partnership with Blockaid, MetaMask has also made strides in improving the user experience. Solana wallet provider now offers a feature that allows MetaMask users to manage their Solana portfolios seamlessly. This integration bridges the Ethereum and Solana ecosystems, reducing entry barriers and enhancing the overall user experience.


The collaboration between MetaMask and Blockaid aims to enhance security for crypto wallet users. The introduction of the Privacy Preserving Offline Module (PPOM) and the integration with Solana demonstrate MetaMask's commitment to providing a secure and user-friendly experience. With the increasing prevalence of malicious dApps and scams, these measures are crucial for building trust and encouraging wider adoption of cryptocurrencies. Users can look forward to a safer and more seamless crypto experience with MetaMask.

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