November 9, 2023

Zircuit: The Evolution of Layer Two for Ethereum DApps

Natasha Fernandez
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Zircuit, a new zero-knowledge rollup backed by pioneering layer two research, has announced the launch of its public testnet. This fully EVM-compatible platform supports existing Ethereum DApps and wallets, allowing developers to deploy their DApps on Zircuit with minimal changes.

Zircuit: The Evolution of Layer Two for Ethereum DApps

The Evolution of Layer Two

Over the past one and a half years, the Zircuit team has been at the forefront of layer two research, pioneering initiatives such as rollup security tooling, rollup compression, and scaling cryptography. Their groundbreaking work has been recognized by the Ethereum Foundation, which awarded grants for layer two research.

A Hybrid Approach

Zircuit's upcoming testnet incorporates the team's research advancements and new technology to create an evolved layer two environment for developers. By combining the latest zero-knowledge proofs with optimistic infrastructure, Zircuit offers more efficient proof generation, reduced fees, and faster transaction speeds. This hybrid approach allows developers to seamlessly move their DApps to Zircuit without costly changes.

A Secure and Streamlined Experience

Zircuit provides developers with a secure environment to battle-test their DApps before launching on the Ethereum mainnet. With security at the sequencer level, Zircuit blocks malicious transactions while still allowing developers to detect hacking attempts. Transactions on Zircuit are affordable, and the setup process takes only minutes, making it a quick and low-risk solution for developers who want to experiment.

The unique combination of rollup and zero-knowledge technology in Zircuit also benefits end users. Ethereum applications can be deployed onto Zircuit without the need to learn a new programming language or framework. This compatibility ensures that users can enjoy the new features, speed, and cost benefits of DApps without any additional learning curve.

Join the Testnet

Zircuit invites developers and projects from the Web 3.0 ecosystem to participate in its testnet. Participants will receive assistance, incentives, and support, including onboarding, readiness support, and developer workshops. To learn more about the testnet launch and engage with the Zircuit team, developers can attend the four-day event during Devconnect.

To learn more about Zircuit and its capabilities, visit the website or read the developer docs.

For media inquiries, please contact Jessica Graber, PR strategist at Zircuit.

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