November 2, 2023

The Ongoing Debate: Cryptocurrency's Intrinsic Value and the Emergence of Crypto ETFs

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In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, a stark difference of opinion looms over their intrinsic value. As financial giants, including DWS Group, gear up to launch cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs), this debate becomes more significant than ever.

The Ongoing Debate: Cryptocurrency's Intrinsic Value and the Emergence of Crypto ETFs

The DWS Group's Perspective

DWS Group, a German asset management behemoth with $900 billion in assets, is preparing to introduce crypto ETFs. However, the fundamental question of whether cryptocurrencies hold any value has split DWS fund managers.

According to a Bloomberg report, Bjoern Jesch, DWS's global chief investment officer, stated that some people believe the value of crypto is zero, with no real support behind the segment. On the other hand, some people argue that there is a price of $35,000 for Bitcoin, as someone is willing to pay that amount.

The Ongoing Debate

This ongoing debate highlights the challenge faced by global financial leaders as Bitcoin makes a robust comeback. Industry giants like BlackRock Inc. and Fidelity Investments have applied to launch crypto ETFs, amplifying the discourse on the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies.

Skeptics argue that cryptocurrencies are a bubble and a haven for money laundering and fraudulent activities. They point to the market's severe price fluctuations as evidence of its unreliability. On the other hand, there is the fear of missing out (FOMO) that has gripped many investors, as cryptocurrencies boast a collective market capitalization of about $1.3 trillion, with Bitcoin's value doubling this year.

The Role of DWS Group and Crypto ETFs

DWS Group has aligned itself with the crypto enthusiasts' perspective. The firm's partnership with Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. to develop crypto ETFs for the European market demonstrates its commitment to this emerging market. Additionally, DWS, majority-owned by Deutsche Bank, manages assets worth over $900 billion.

The wider adoption of crypto ETFs, along with DWS's Fintech Fund's expanded mandate for crypto investments, indicates the growing interest in digital assets. Despite regulatory obstacles, Grayscale Investments LLC successfully converted its Bitcoin trust into an ETF, further illustrating the industry's push toward legitimacy.

The Skeptic's View

However, skeptics like Jesch remain cautious due to the unpredictability of cryptocurrencies. They point out the segment's lack of history, collateral, economy, and central bank intervention as daunting challenges. The future of digital currencies remains uncertain, with the industry at a crossroads between skepticism and fervent adoption.


As the crypto ETF revolution unfolds, the debate on cryptocurrency's intrinsic value is far from settled. This leaves investors and financial giants at the crossroads of potential innovation and risk.

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